Did you know how beneficial onions are for good health?

Onions are rich in vitamins B and C, and minerals. They contain enzymes which help to eliminate the toxins and free radicals, and maintaining the bowel flora in balance. Their glucoquinin helps to lower the sugar level in our blood. In addition, they contribute to the well functioning of our immune system due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

They are the richest natural source of quercetin, a bioflavonoid which is shown to be active against cancer cells. They not only make the cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy, but they also prevent the tumour cells from growing and spreading, as they ease their apoptosis (natural death).

They also help to regulate our cholesterol level and preventing cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and ageing.

Interestingly, these qualities are boost by crucifers, such as broccoli. They are consumed best raw, as part of these properties are lost when cooked.



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