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Mistletoe Therapy Cost

What is the cost of mistletoe therapy?

What is the Cost of Mistletoe Therapy 

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The cost of the actual mistletoe therapy depends on the dose that triggers the optimum response of your immune system. This, we cannot forecast and Dr Kloppenburg will provide close supervision until the optimum dose has been reached. Thereafter, a maintenance dose will be prescribed and a 4-months supply can be sent. At this stage, the cost will reduce significantly.

In a nutshell:

Supervision and prescription fee: £60.00

The cost of the Mistletoe ampoules depends on the dose, ranging from £80.00 to £138.00 per box* (2.5 weeks supply)

Packing and Postage (next day guaranteed delivery) £12.00

Needles and syringes £5.00 per box

All together means a cost of £274.00 every 5 weeks for the first 20 weeks. Thereafter, the cost of the ampoules will increase gradually according to the dose (see priceless below).

Usually, we send a 5-weeks supply after every dose adjustment until the optimum reaction is obtained. This can take between one and nine months, however, most patients experience optimum response within three to four months, some even during the first month.

Price list of each box (8 ampoules):

1mg = £80.00

5mg = £80.00

10mg = £80.00

20mg = £80.00

30mg = £88.00

50mg= £95.00

100mg= £138.00

*Import charges due to BREXIT regulation apply (20%)

** Prices shown refer to Helixor®.

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Which Brands provide the Medicinal Mistletoe Extract?

These brands are manufactured in Germany. Although each brand does have its own way of production, all do carry out manufacture and quality control procedures according to legal regulations and in strict adherence to international standards and rules of “good manufacturing practice”, i.e. the GMP guidelines. These regulations are applied and continually updated according to the most current knowledge and technology. 

From the references on my Mistletoe Therapy page, the papers which did investigate different brands of mistletoe extracts, none but one, stated them to be different. The one paper which made a difference quotes: "...ADR (adverse drug reactions) frequency differed with respect to preparation type, with Iscador® preparations showing a higher relative frequency, compared to Abnoba viscum®.."

Based on my experience, there is also individuality to be taken into consideration. Some patients have shown to respond particularly well to one specific brand (which again is different in each case).

The clinical response can be assessed easily by monitoring the cutaneous reaction around the injection site, and measuring the temperature on a daily basis may be indicated in some cases.

You can read more about each brand by clicking on their logo above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The mistletoe extract does need a medical prescription and the therapy does require medical supervision. Do not trust any product available online without a medical prescription.

Is Mistletoe Therapy available on the NHS?

Unfortunately, since April 2018 Mistletoe Therapy is no longer funded by the NHS. At the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (RLHIM), patients can get a prescription free of charge during their appointment, however, they have to pay for the mistletoe therapy themselves. Iscador® is the only brand available at the RLHIM and the pharmacy does sell needles and syringes.


Where is Mistletoe Therapy available?

Mistletoe Therapy is available Worldwide 

Mistletoe Therapy is available no matter where you are*.

Technology nowadays allows us to stay connected almost worldwide and via telephone or video calls, you can get your individualised holistic care plan directly into your home.

Consultations can be held in English, Spanish or German.

*Limitations may apply due to international export/import licences. Please, contact us for more information


How easy is it to get this therapy?

Our aim is to make it as easy, quick and cost-efficient as possible. Therefore, we have created the following system:

  • Request your initial call with Dr Kloppenburg for FREE. She will explain everything and assess your current situation. You will be sent additional information via email, including a link to complete your medical history on our patient portal online. Thereafter, Dr Kloppenburg will choose the best subtype of mistletoe extract for you. After you have paid the invoice, we can send the 5-weeks supply. Within the UK, you can receive the mistletoe extract via Royal Mail Next Day Guaranteed Delivery.


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