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Iscador Mistletoe

Who is Iscador?

Iscador AG is a pharmaceutical company, based in Germany, which produces the mistletoe extract most commonly associate with complementary cancer therapy.

Iscador AG are involved in advance mistletoe preparations research and development with regard to mistletoe and cancer.


Iscador Mistletoe Product Range

There are different mistletoe preparations that are available from Iscador as solutions for mistletoe injection.

Their international product range includes the following mistletoe preparations in different variants and strengths:

  • ISCADOR M (Malus = apple tree)
  • ISCADOR P (Pinus = pine tree)
  • ISCADOR Qu (Quercus = oak tree)

Professionals can find more information at Iscador website at the Infoline.


About Mistletoe

Mistletoe is a flowering plant most commonly associated with Christmastime. The plant is a parasite that lives on trees and bushes, receiving water and nutrients from its host plant.

The European mistletoe (Viscum album) has the largest range of potential hosts among the over 1,000 mistletoe species worldwide.

The most common species  found in Central Europe are:

  • hardwood mistletoe (V. album ssp. album) found on apple, oak, elm, poplar, maple, lime, birch trees

  • pine mistletoe (V. album ssp. austriacum) found as the name suggests on pine trees

  • fir mistletoe (V. album ssp. abietis) on fir trees



Where to buy mistletoe for cancer

You are in the right place if you are looking to buy mistletoe for cancer. You can find the cost of mistletoe here.


Mistletoe Therapy London


You can now get your mistletoe therapy in our clinic in London. Our Integrated medicine clinic is conveniently located in the heart of London's medical district


Iscador Patient Information

 Click the image below to download the Iscador Mistletoe booklet for patients 


More Information about Cancer:

 Cancer Research UK Helpline: 0808 800 404 (free, only UK)

Macmillan Cancer Support Helpline: 0808 808 0000 (free, only UK)

Camphill Wellbeing Trust NHSinform.

Cancer Information Online at your fingerTIPS (Tailored information for the People of Scotland)


Genuine Testimonials and 5-Star Google Patient Reviews

Chantal Chopin Avatar
Chantal Chopin
I find Dr Saskia Kloppenburg very caring and knowledgeable and I very much appreciate that she shares her knowledge with me. She is also very intuitive. Being under her care has given me back my hope and calmed me right down about my cancer diagnosis and treatment, which consists of conventional immunotherapy and alternative treatments with Mistletoe, medicinal mushrooms and hypnotherapy so far. I hope that my review will motivate others to seek the help they need by contacting her.
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Helen Spicer Avatar
Helen Spicer
I cannot think of a better service than this one, Dr Saskia Kloppenburg is just so knowledgeable and has such a straightforward easy to understand way, she always puts herself out with valuable advice and shares useful information. I am truly indebted to her.
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Nancy Lewis Avatar
Nancy Lewis
If you think conventional medicine is not really helping this is a good place to find help and ideas. I would recommend
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Cathy Rowen Avatar
Cathy Rowen
I am so impressed by the care and dedication of this doctor. Her depth of knowledge is impressive. Care of the highest quality
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