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Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms have great potential to complement conventional medicine, providing many positive health benefits for humans

What are Medicinal Mushrooms?

Medicinal mushrooms have great potential to complement conventional medicine, providing many positive health benefits for humans. As part of the Funghi Kingdom, mushrooms are fascinating organisms for its intelligence and adaptability capacity over millennia of years. They are incredible powerhouses of nutrients, which modern science has discovered to have impressive health-promoting qualities -in fact, science owes fungi with the discovery of Penicillin and its antibiotic properties that completely changed the course of modern medicine.

There is scientific evidence that shows successful use of mushrooms to support cancer patients, especially in those with nutritional deficiencies associated with this complex phenomenon. But mushrooms not only are an excellent and innovative nutritional form of supplement: multiple studies also show a modulation of the immune response in cancer patients, a rise in the effectiveness of chemo and radiotherapy, and an improvement in the patients’ life quality treated with chemotherapy -it helps reducing specific pains and appetite loss, as well as nausea, weakness and fatigue; helps with emotional stability, etc.

Types of Mushrooms


It is highlighted by Oriental medicine for its ability to enhance inherited energy and eliminate energy blockages that can cause arthritis, bronchitis, asthma, neurasthenia, insomnia, heart disease.

It is also considered “the mushroom of eternal youth” for its antioxidants capacities.


In traditional Asian medicine, this mushroom is one of the most popular natural remedies for its benefits in increasing bodies’ energy production, for which it is helpful for patients with fatigue.

It also improves fertility, immunity, kidney health and function, and lung function (is useful in patients with asthma, bronchitis, etc.)


Royal Sun Agaricus


Rich in vitamins, minerals and lipids, this mushroom has exceptional properties to improve the natural immune response.

It has also unique compounds useful for antiallergic purposes, contains agents that help support and recover the liver, and can strengthen the body’s defence barriers which helps prevent infections.


Turkey Tail


This mushroom’s use is limited mainly to the medicinal fields. It is one of the most studied mushrooms and has been demonstrated to have powerful benefits in the immune system -it is particularly helpful for people with autoimmune conditions; and to reduce peripheral neuropathic such as weakness, numbness and pain. It is also a potent antiviral, as its agents provide protection against bacterial and viral infections.




Not only is this mushroom the second most popular culinary mushroom in the world. Its consumption has also excellent benefits on human health: it supports the heart, helps regulate cholesterol levels, has potent antibacterial effects, and can help with uric acid issues.




This mushroom, used for over 1,000 years in Chinese medicine, is an excellent natural diuretic as it stimulates circulation, helpful for respiratory conditions affecting the lungs and is known for helping prevent kidney stones formation.




Discovered by traditional European medicine, the benefits of this very unique mushroom are related to blood glucose level and blood circulation. Coprinus’ natural compounds can mimic insulin, which makes this mushroom excellent at balancing blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it can also help recover the pancreas in cases of diabetes and help regulate insulin levels naturally.


Lion’s Mane


This mushroom stands out for its high fibre, high protein and natural prebiotic content. Its use can be beneficial in balancing the microbiota, as its properties protect and support healthy gut bacteria (important with any condition affecting digestion). Its compounds also have powerful regenerative actions for supporting neurodegenerative conditions and cognitive impairment, as well as reducing peripheral neuropathies (such as numbness, weakness, sensitivity and pain, usually in hands or feet).




Being one of the most fascinating mushrooms known, Maitake is known as “the king of mushrooms”. It contains powerful compounds that help reduce storage of fat in the body, for which it is great for being used for weight control and obesity. It also supports heart health and blood pressure, balances and increases the effectiveness of the immune system and contains certain compounds that are marvelous detoxifying -it helps the liver to eliminate toxins effectively.





This type of fungus grows naturally in the northernmost forests of Europe and due to its immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties, it is known as “the forest diamond” -c haga stands out for its quantity and variety of polysaccharides, constituents proven to affect the immune system.



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