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The holistic cancer approach

The holistic cancer approach

The holistic cancer approach means to take care of all aspects of a person’s life: what they eat (nutrition, supplements and toxins), their life-style (exercise, social support and taking control) and their emotional wellbeing (becoming conscious about past or present conflicts, positive and negative emotions). This can always be done alongside appropriate conventional medicine as, when applied with evidence and knowledge, it does not interfere with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, but can ease side effects and improve significantly general wellbeing and the patients quality of life. Since cancer is multifactorial (it’s mostly caused by more than one factor), for its best approach, all areas should be addressed appropriately, with knowledge, time and dedication. If you want to know more about how to cover these areas in its best way, feel free to contact me.


By making conscious the unconscious you can connect to your higher self. This allows you to make deep changes. Epigenetics has shown us in many studies how emotions can switch on and off genes. Since our subconscious mind is the feeling mind (while the conscious mind is the analytical/thinking mind) connecting to your subconscious is key to improve emotional wellbeing.


Take control of your situation. This gives you the power to make your own decisions based on your intuition. By becoming active, you will feel less helpless and more empowered.

  Negative emotions  

Often, we suppress emotions because they are painful and/or because they may not be often, we suppress emotions because they are painful and/or because they may not be accepted due to our education, religion or our beliefs, or the beliefs of those around us. These emotions are mostly fear, anger or deep sadness, which cause us stress. Stress, in turn, triggers the release of stress hormones, such as adrenaline, noradrenaline or cortisol, which have a negative outcome in our body over time, easing or even creating a pro-inflammatory environment.


  Positive emotions   

Calmness, peace, joy, happiness, excitement, love, wholeness, oneness.. are positive emotions that trigger the release of endorphins which, in turn, reduce stress hormones and boost our
immune system, in addition to enhance our overall wellbeing.


Social support

The support and courage we can receive from our friends and family help us in difficult moments. This will not only boost your immune system but also increase your general wellbeing and make your journey much easier.


Exercising helps not only reducing fatigue caused by cancer and its treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy but also stimulates our immune system. If you want to read more about the power of exercise click here.


In our daily life, we are faced with a great deal of toxins, such as pollution and pesticides, for example. Identify them and eliminate them as much as possible.

  Herbs & Supplements 

Many herbs, such as turmeric, for example, and supplements, such as vitamins and minerals, can be of huge benefit and give our immune system the support it needs.


Hippocrates, father of medicine, 431 B.C. already said: “Let food be thy medicine”!
Many fruit and vegetables have beneficial substances, which have shown to have very beneficial properties, acting directly or indirectly on cancer.

In addition, eating the right food can reduce side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.



If you are looking for Iscador mistletoe extract for cancer treatment visit this page.

More Information about Cancer:

 Cancer Research UK Helpline: 0808 800 404 (free, only UK)

Macmillan Cancer Support Helpline: 0808 808 0000 (free, only UK)

Camphill Wellbeing Trust NHSinform.

Cancer Information Online at your fingerTIPS (Tailored information for the People of Scotland)

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