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European Congress of Integrative Medicine

European Congress of Integrative Medicine

Last  September I attended the 12th European Congress of Integrative Medicine in Barcelona co-organized by the Spanish Society of Integrative Medicine and by the European Society of Integrative Medicine that was attended by a large number of people including health professionals, speakers, journalists and sponsors and helped me significant advance and deepen my knowledge in Integrative Medicine.

During the Integrated Medicine Congres the book called Oncologia Integrativa that I co-author was launched. The book is available through Amazon in the Spanish language at the moment.

My Poster Presentation.


During the conference, I presented my poster titled 'Medicinal Mushrooms:  A Review of scientific evidence from systematic reviews and meta-analysis'.

The poster included a systematic review of current literature in the role of medicinal mushrooms in complementary therapy.

You can see the poster here.

At the European Congress for Integrative Medicine, the book i co-authored was released. The book is called Oncologia Integrativa. Manual Basico y Clinico and I co-authored the chapter related to clinical hypnotherapy.


The Authors of the book.

About the European Society of Integrative Medicine

The European Society of Integrative Medicine e.V. is an international association with the aim to facilitate the advancement of science, research, education and further training, to support best and evidence based medical care and to provide advice on policy in the realm of Integrative Medicine. This includes holding scientific events (annual European Congress for Integrative Medicine) and conducting dialogue with professional health care and public health associations and institutions.

Dr Saskia Kloppenburg Vieth Medical doscotr and holistic and complementary care practitioner

Consultant in General Internal Medicine (GMC reg. number: 7541548) and Specialist in Complementary Cancer Care
MBBS, MRCIM (Spain), MSc Homeopathy, MFHom, Master practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming, MSc in Nutrition

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