New brand of Mistletoe Extract

You can now read my latest newsletter about the "new" mistletoe extract


This time my newsletter is to introduce you to a "new" brand of mistletoe extract. Helixor® has over 40 years of experience and published a great deal of research however, it was only recently that I found a pharmacy that could supply it in the UK. You can find their booklet attached.

I have updated my website about this mistletoe therapy, so please, have a look

Not only can I support patients all over the world, but now, as soon as NADclinic re-opens in July, I can provide the mistletoe extract intravenously (off-label application) so feel free to contact me if you are interested.

I do have 2 boxes of increasing doses of Helixor® A (Series I and Series II, 1mg - 30mg) to give away for free (worth £148.40) if you want to try it. (I will give it to the first patient who sends me an email requesting it). It has been donated and I want to honour this donation. (Needles and syringes are not included but I will provide a prescription for free if needed).


You can find my latest newsletter here.

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