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Complementary Cancer Care

Complementary therapies are used alongside conventional cancer treatments to help you through your cancer journey .

Integrated Medicine Clinic for Holistic Health London

How are you?

You are probably here because you are not feeling that great and western medicine has failed to help you. This is more likely because your NHS doctor addressed your symptoms and did not use a holistic approach to idenfy the underlying causes.

 A person is a combination of physical, mental and emotional facets. Our bodies are like clocks with the different parts working synergistically. If one part malfunctions the rest are being affected. In addition, our mind and our emotions also have an impact on our bodies. This is why holistic medicine might be the answer you are seeking and will address your body, mind and spirit 

Integrated medicine, also called alternative medicine is the integration of western medicine together with complementary and alternative medicine approaches. It is called holistic medicine since it looks at the person as a whole. Holistic medicine will explore the mental, emotional and physical states of you and help you to regain the missing balance in your life.

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How can the holistic health approach help you?

In London Integrated Medicine clinic, I offer a holistic approach to address your symptoms and improve your overall health and wellbeing. I treat each patient as a whole person, both physically and psychologically.

In order to get the best results, during the first consultation, I will take a full history of your wellbeing, your personal history, your family history and also any treatment you might be on.

A detailed physical examination is also part of my consultation. I will then design for you the best-individualised treatment plan which addresses you as a whole person.

Addressing the cause your concern(s), making changes in your lifestyle (nutrition, meditation, changing habits, thoughts and emotions), taking only the very necessary drugs, and substituting chemical medicines for more natural medicines (with much less side effects) whenever possible, are the main aspects to get the best results. Why should you use conventional medicine alone when you can benefit from a natural approach to illness (combination of conventional medicine and complementary therapies), designed and adapted to your individual needs?

Dr Saskia H. Kloppenburg Vieth

Medical Doctor

Integrated Medicine and Holistic Health Practitioner

Holistic Doctor
Integrated Medicine Doctor


Consultant in General Medicine
Specialist in Complementary Cancer Care

Doctor at Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine - UCLH

(GMC reg. number: 7541548),

Integrated Medicine & Complementary Therapies

Complementary Cancer Care


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Holistic Clinic in Harley Street London

Our Holistic Clinic in London is conveniently located in Harley Street and therefore easily accessible by public transport.

We offer a wide range of complementary and alternative medicine therapeutic modalities  such as Naturopathy for natural healing, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy.  We only use evidence-based Health and Healing to help you heal and improve your physical health and your body's natural healing power.

We use an integrated health approach to provide you with high-quality health and wellbeing support that is tailored to your specific needs for optimal health.  During the consultation, we try to get a full picture of the different aspects of your wellbeing, with a range of medical tests and health screens tests. 

Our integrated health approach provides conventional and complementary medicine including anthroposophic, nutritional and homoepathic medicine, counselling, hypnotherapy. As caring health professionals, we focus on your health and general well-being.

Is Functional Medicine the same as Integrated Medicine?

Although both approches are categorised under alternative and complementary medicine,  functional medicine is not the same as Integrated Medicine. The integrated approach is evidence based combining traditional medicine and complementary care. You can read more on our blog here.


Mistletoe therapy

Mistletoe therapy is an anthroposophic medicine that can be integrated with conventional cancer treatments. It involves the prescribed use of medicinal mistletoe by qualified integrated doctors. The mistletoe extract is obtained from the European mistletoe plant (Viscum album L.) and is pharmaceutically prepared. Mistletoe is available as ampoules for injection or drops to be taken by mouth. Mistletoe therapy is not an alternative to conventional cancer treatment but complementary. 

Free Mistletoe Therapy Consultation

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