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Can NAD+ IV therapy help the elderly in the fight with COVID-19?

This paper titled: ' Why Does COVID-19 Disproportionately Affect the Elderly?' published on the 30th of April 2020, which is yet to be peer-reviewed by other scientists, said: 'The most exciting and potentially impactful technologies to treat Covid-19 are those that activate the body's defences against ageing. It may even be possible to reset the age of cells and tissues so currently high-risk individuals can respond to viral infections as though they were young.'

Up to date, it seems that the available evidence supports the notion that older people are more at risk of the coronavirus.
NHS data, for example, shows that 72% of hospitalised COVID-19 patients are over the age of 60 and more than 91% of people who have died from the virus in England (up to the 3rd of May 2020) are over the age of 60. More than 50% of these were over 80 years old.

The relation between NAD and the immune system

During ageing, and particularly during the course of COVID-19, levels of NAD+ decline, likely due to increased NAD+ consumption (and increased transcription of the poly-ADP-ribosyl transferases, PARP9, PARP10, PARP 12 and PARP14). Coronaviruses also possess an ADP-ribosylhydrolase that further depletes NAD+, apparently to disrupt cell signalling, DNA repair, gene regulation and apoptosis, according to this paper.
There is also 'increasing evidence that lower NAD+ levels in the lung and vascular endothelium contribute to poor Covid-19 outcomes'.
'Maintaining NAD+ levels may, therefore, alleviate COVID-19 symptoms,' the authors of the paper said, according to the Daily Mail.

A study published in the journal Science in 2017 found that boosting NAD+ levels in mice reversed the signs of ageing in the tissue and muscles of older mice.  The reversal was so drastic that researchers could no longer tell the difference between four-month-old mice and two-year-old mice, Futurism reported.

Although it was on animals, the study strongly suggests that boosting NAD+ levels in humans could have health benefits by optimising cellular health.
According to the Daily Mail, David Sinclair, an author of the recent Harvard paper, said at the time: 'NAD+ is the closest we’ve gotten to a fountain of youth.’


NAD+ IV Therapy

NAD IV Therapy is the Most Effective Way to Get NAD+ as it delivers pure NAD straight into the bloodstream and cell tissue, allowing a 100% absorption rate. NAD+ infusions are generally well tolerated. Some people is NAD+ can experience the sensation of dizziness, nausea or even shortness of breath. These symptoms are directly linked to the speed the infusion is administered. Therefore, these symptoms will quickly disappear by reducing the speed of the infusion.

IV Drips

 Nad+ therapy is one of the many IV drip therapies we offer in London. Our IV drips are customised to your needs and your health goals. We also offer an at home IV drip service for your own convenience.


D.A. Why Does COVID-19 Disproportionately Affect the Elderly?. Mueller, A.L.; McNamara, M.S.; Sinclair, Preprints 2020, 2020040548 (doi: 10.20944/preprints202004.0548.v1).


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