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Abnoba Viscum Mistletoe
Mistletoe brands 21 November 2018

Abnoba Viscum Mistletoe

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Who is Abnoba

ABNOBA  is an independent, research-based pharmaceutical manufacturer based in Germany that produces the AbnobaViscum® mistletoe for cancer treatment.

The company focus is into oncology research and it is one of the world's leading and most innovative companies in the field of herbal medicinal products for cancer.

Abnoba was established in 1971 by physicists, biologists and physicians for the promotion of cancer therapy as a  pharmaceutical company that produces and sells mistletoe preparations under the brand name abnobaVISCUM

Today, the company is producing more than 70 different mistletoe products worldwide under the common brand name of abnobaVISCUM. 


Abnoba Viscum Mistletoe Product Range

There are different kinds of medicinal mistletoe preparations that are available from Abnoba.

Their international product range includes the following mistletoe preparations in different variants and strengths:

  • Abietis
  • Aceris
  • Amygdali
  • Betulae
  • Crataegi
  • Fraxini
  • Mali
  • Pini
  • Quercus



Where to buy mistletoe for cancer

You are in the right place if you are looking to buy mistletoe for cancer. AbnobaViscum is now available in London and can be prescribed in our clinic.  You can find the cost of mistletoe here.


Mistletoe Therapy London

You can now get your mistletoe therapy in our clinic in London. Our Integrated Medicine clinic conveniently located in the heart of London's medical district. 


Abnoba Viscum Patient Information

 Click here to download the Abnoba Viscum Mistletoe booklet for patients 


More Information about Cancer:

 Cancer Research UK Helpline: 0808 800 404 (free, only UK)

Macmillan Cancer Support Helpline: 0808 808 0000 (free, only UK)

Camphill Wellbeing Trust NHSinform.

Cancer Information Online at your fingerTIPS (Tailored information for the People of Scotland)


Mistletoe Therapy Faq's
What are the differences between AbnobaVISCUM® and Iscador®?

What are the differences between AbnobaVISCUM® and Iscador®?

  • Manufacturer: Both brands are manufactured in Germany. Although each brand does have their own way of production, both do carry out manufacture and quality control procedures according to legal regulations and in strict adherence to international standards and rules of “good manufacturing practice”, i.e. the GMP guidelines. These regulations are applied and continually updated according to the most current knowledge and technology. 
  • Evidence: From the references on my Mistletoe Therapy page, the papers which did investigate different brands of mistletoe extracts, none but one, stated them to be different. The one paper which made a difference quotes: "...ADR (adverse drug reactions) frequency differed with respect to preparation type, with Iscador® preparations showing a higher relative frequency, compared to Abnoba viscum®..."
  • Distributor: 
        • Iscador® Oral drops and injections are distributed by Customised 4U Pharmacy: tel: 0800 035 3078, fax 0800 035 3079. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Address: Unit 2 Regents Drive, Low Prudhoe, Industrial Estate, Northumberland, NE42 6PX
        • AbnobaViscum® injections are distributed by Village Pharmacy Charlton Ltd: tel 0208 858 0907, tel/fax 0208 265 5222. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Address: 9 The Village, Charlton, SE7 8UG
        • Feel free to contact them is case you do have any question.
      • Processing the prescription: Once we had our telephone consultation, I send the repeat prescription directly to the corresponding pharmacy and they will process it. For AbnobaViscum®, The Village Pharmacy usually do contact my patients within 1-2 working days to arrange payment and postage. For Iscador®, patients have to contact the Customised 4U Pharmacy (0800 035 3078) 24 hours after I did send the prescription.
      • Postage: 
        • Customised 4U Pharmacy (Iscador®) does charge £7 for postage. 
        • The Village Pharmacy (AbnobaViscum®) does charge £15 for postage.
      • Prices: you can check prices on my Mistletoe Therapy site.
      • Prescription: Both brands can be prescribed privately (£30 for prescription and telephone consultation), however, Iscador® can be prescribed on the NHS with no extra charge. For that you do need an appointment with me at The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine.
      • Supply: 
        • Iscador® injections do come in boxes of 7 ampoules each and the price remains the same no matter how many boxes I do prescribe.
        • AbnobaViscum® injections do come in boxes of 8 ampoules each, and for a 4 months supply (48 ampoules) they offer a discount (check prices on my Mistletoe Therapy site). 
      • Needles and syringes: 
        • Customised 4U Pharmacy (Iscador®) does not send needles and syringes per post. For Iscador® injections you can go to your GP and request a prescription for subcutaneous needles (0,5x16mm, 25G 5/8", or insulin needles) and 1ml syringes or get them at boots or online.
        • The Village Pharmacy (AbnobaViscum®) does send needles and syringes together with the AbnobaViscum® ampoules.
I want to travel, should I take the mistletoe extract with me and do I need to keep it refrigerated?
  • If you are on Iscador® Oral drops, and you travel for less then 1 month, it will be fine to have a few weeks break from it. If you wanted to take it with you or you are leaving for more then 1 month, I recommend that you take enough supply with you. If you are traveling with an already opened bottle and the journey takes less then 8-12 hours, don't worry, otherwise, I'd recommend you take a small refrigerating box with you to keep to cool.
  • If you are on mistletoe therapy injections, and you are traveling for less then 1 week, it should be fine. If you are leaving for a longer period, I'd recommend that you take enough supply with you. If the journey takes less than 4-6 hours there shouldn't be any problem. Otherwise, I recommend you take a small refrigerating box with you to keep it cool.
Can the Mistletoe Therapy be used instead of chemotherapy?

The Mistletoe Therapy is not a replacement for conventional medicine and it can be considered to be used alongside appropriate conventional cancer treatments.

Studies have shown that the Mistletoe Therapy can reduce side effects of conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy. In addition, it seems to increase their tolerability, increasing the likelihood of continuity on recommending dosages.

Chemical interference on treatment outcome, according to research, appears unlikely. Read more

For how long should I take the Mistletoe Therapy?

The overall duration of treatment is not restricted but will be individualised in each case.

Generally, after two years of continuous treatment, the frequency of injection can be reduced to 2 ampoules (2 injections) per week.

From the 3rd year onwards, treatment-free intervals can be taken, always adapted specially to each case.

After 5-7 years in total (from the beginning of treatment) treatment can be discontinued, or switched to oral drops if the patient’s condition and prognosis are favourable.

Iscador® Oral Drops are generally recommended to be taken continuously for 2 years. From the 3rd year onwards, treatment-free intervals are recommended in a progressively increasing regime, always adapted to each case. Generally, the recommended overall duration is 5 years, however, in some cases, therapy can be extended up to ten years (from the 6th year up to the 10th year, treatment-free intervals will progressively exceed treatment intervals).

How should I take the Iscador® Oral Drops?

The standard recommendation is to take 6 drops in the morning and 9 drops in the evening, from Monday to Friday only, for 3 weeks and then to have one full week break before a new bottle is started. Variations may be recommended to adjust to each case.

I did forget to take the Iscador® Oral Drops, what should I do?

If you didn’t take the drops in the morning, you can take them in together with drops in the evening. (Example: you usually take 6 drops in the morning and 9 in the evening, and you didn’t take you 6 drops in the morning, then take 15 drops in the evening and continue as usual the following day)

If you didn’t take the drops in the evening, you can take them in together with drops the next morning. (Example: you usually take 6 drops in the morning and 9 in the evening, and you didn’t take you 9 drops in the evening, then take 15 drops the next morning and continue as usual having 9 drops in the evening)

If you missed a complete day of treatment, divide the number of drops in 2 half and add each half on the following two treatment days. (Example: you usually take 6 drops in the morning and 9 in the evening, and you missed one day: 6+9=15, 15/2=8, 15+8=23, so for the next two days you have 23 drops in total, 10 drops in the morning and 13 drops in the evening)

If you didn’t take the drops on a Friday, take them on Saturday.

In order to gain the most benefits from the mistletoe therapy, make sure that you take them as prescribed and following the instructions.

How should I store the Iscador® Oral drops?

Before opening, Iscador® Oral Drops should be stored at room temperature (15 - 25 ºC).

Once opened, Iscador® Oral Drops should be stored in the fridge (2 - 8 ºC).

The expiry of Iscador® Oral Drops is 3 weeks from opening.

How should I store the ampoules containing mistletoe extract?

The mistletoe extract has been protected from oxidation under the strictest conditions during the entire manufacturing process. For this reason, injections must be given immediately after breaking open the ampoules; the contents of opened ampules cannot be used at a later time.
Ampoules containing brown-coloured liquid may not be used as this indicates that the preparation has been exposed to oxygen and spoiled.

AbnobaVISCUM® 20 mg to 0.02 mg strengths and all Iscador® ampoules must be stored in the fridge (2 to 13 °C). The ampoules may not be frozen. If ampoules are transported, e.g. from the pharmacy to the patient’s home, continual cooling at the above-mentioned temperatures is not necessary. However, extreme temperatures such as frost or heat (over 25 °C) should be avoided.

There are no particular storage recommendations for abnobaVISCUM D6 to D30 strengths. These ampoules do not have to be kept in the fridge, although they should not be stored or transported at temperatures above 25 °C.

How should I take the mistletoe injections?

Standard regime recommends having 3 injections weekly, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at any time of the day.

Adjustments can be recommended as part of an individualised treatment considering each patient’s situation.

I do have a red patch around the injection site, is it normal?

Yes! The skin provides us with reliable information about how your body reacts to the mistletoe extract. Check Are there any side effects? for more information.

If you have any question, please, contact me.


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