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IV Drip Therapy London

The Integrated Medicine and Holistic Healthcare Clinic offers  iv drips in London so that you can experience the many health and wellness benefits of an IV vitamin drip therapy brings. You can rest assured that in our London IV therapy clinic our medical and integrated doctor will tailor the intravenous infusion therapy to your specific health needs. We make sure your IV vitamin drip treatment is safe and comfortable with an opportunity to relax,  while your body is invigorated with essential vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, nutrients and IV fluids.

Are you dehydrated? 

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Prior to starting your vitamin therapy, you will consult with our extremely knowledgeable medical doctor to ensure the high dose vitamin therapy treatment plan is optimized for your body and its unique needs to boost overall health, the nervous system and improve overall wellness and mental clarity.

What are Vitamin IV Drips?

a doctor is preparing an IV drip before administered to the patient

Intravenous (IV) Drips deliver essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the body through your veins to the blood stream for maximum absorption. This allows the nutrients to flood your body and nourish itself at the cellular level. By using this method, we can safely deliver larger doses such as high dose vitamin C , amino acids, B complex, powerful antioxidants and vitamin D that would not otherwise be tolerated orally or be possible with oral supplements.

Intravenously, vitamin drips can be administered both proactively as part of a healthy lifestyle to maintain optimum wellness and cardiovascular health, as well as to treat acute and chronic conditions.


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Benefits of IV Drip 

Electrolytes, vitamins and minerals are essential for the optimal functioning of our bodies. They are necessary for our growth, vitality, metabolism, and general well-being. Many people are not receiving optimal nutrients due to poor digestion, food sensitivities, chronic inflammation, poor immune function, or chronic illness.
Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Drip Therapy involves the infusion of nutrients in high concentrations to rapidly aid cellular healing. By bypassing the digestive tract, IV drip therapy facilitates the direct absorption of nutrients. This allows the cells to rapidly obtain the nutrients needed to repair and regain strength.

How Intravenous drips can help you?

Improve hydration

Boost energy​ levels

Strengthen immune system

Decrease inflammation

Boost metabolism

Improve hair, skin, and nails

Improve Sports Performance

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Improve Mental Health

IV Vitamin Drip Therapy for Health Conditions

In the IV Therapy Clinic in London, we can provide complementary IV treatments for more serious health conditions. High dose vitamin C infusions, for example,  are frequently used in integrated cancer care. Depending on the specific combination of ingredients, IV vitamin drip therapy can also be beneficial for autoimmune diseases, migraines, detoxification, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, depression, to protect cells and chronic stress.

Who is it for?

Our intravenous drips are designed to deliver the ultimate benefits of intravenous (IV) treatment with fluids, medications, and vitamins to counter the detrimental effects of dehydration.  Proper hydration is a cornerstone of overall health and wellness.  Patients receiving IV vitamins need a medical consultation and to be monitored to ensure that the IV solutions are providing the correct amounts of fluids and minerals needed for optimum health.  While our treatments may benefit most, there are certain symptoms and conditions (not specifically limited to) persons with kidney and heart disease that make IV therapy contraindicated, and could thus disqualify some from receiving treatment due to a recipient’s medical history.


+ Extreme thirst + Sunken eyes + Reduced urine output; urine that is dark + Weakness and fatigue + Rapid weight loss + Dry, warm skin + Skin that is wrinkled or has little elasticity + Rapid pulse + Dry mouth + “Tearless” crying + Muscle cramps + Headache


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