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Dr Saskia H. Kloppenburg Vieth

Dr Saskia H. Kloppenburg Vieth

Consultant in General Internal Medicine and Specialist in Complementary Cancer Care
MBBS, MRCIM (Spain), MSc Homeopathy, MFHom, Master practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming, MSc in Nutrition
(GMC reg. number: 7541548)

Integrative medicine Doctor and Holistic Medicine Practitioner

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Blog 16 December 2018

Green tea…..what ancient Asia already knew.

Green tea, which grows in particularly humid climates, contains numerous polyphenols, called catechins. One of the most powerful is the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which stops the formation of new blood vessels by cancer cells. It also blocks the receptors on neighbour cells


Blog 16 December 2018

Did you know…? Amazing Body, part 1

Did you know how efficient the packaging of our DNA is?

Blog 16 December 2018

The power of our mind: Part 2

Why is it so difficult to change a habit?

I’m sure you have asked yourself this question more than once!

Blog 16 December 2018

Stone fruit share the berries’ secret!

As you may have read in my previous post*, berries are very rich in substances which have anticancer properties, such as ellacig acid, for example.


Blog 16 December 2018

Magic berries!!

I bet you won’t believe how beneficial some berries are for our health!


Blog 16 December 2018


Tomatoes - 4 health properties


Blog 16 December 2018

Turmeric and its amazing healing power

Find out about the amazing healing powers of tumeric..
About Me 09 December 2018

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Mistletoe brands 21 November 2018

Abnoba Viscum Mistletoe

ABNOBA  is an independent, research-based pharmaceutical manufacturer based in Germany that produces the AbnobaViscum® mistletoe for cancer treatment.


Mistletoe brands 17 November 2018

Iscador Mistletoe

Iscador AG is a pharmaceutical company, based in Germany which produces the mistletoe extract most commonly ascociate with integrative cancer therapy. Iscador AG are involded in advance mistletoe preparations reasearch and research and development with regard to mistletoe and cancer.