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Blog 28 October 2018

The power of our thoughts: Part 1

It is well known that our thoughts have a paramount influence in the biochemical atmosphere of our body.

Blog 28 October 2018

The incredible power of exercising! (part 2)

As I explained in my previous post, exercise is a very powerful booster of our immune system, and many studies have shown that physical exercise helps fighting cancer and preventing relapse. Here is some more information, that will make exercising easier and joyful.

Blog 28 October 2018

The incredible power of exercising! (part 1)

Most people think they already know (enough) about the benefits of regular physical exercise, however, you’ll be surprised, at first, when you read this and you have a look at the studies. Eventually, you may wonder why, unfortunately, so many oncologists still do not insist on it.


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