About calcium…did you know…?

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Calcium is a mineral which is paramount for the correct functioning of our body. The most well known fact is it is crucial for our bones and teeth. But it also plays a huge rol in muscle and nerve functions, in cellular division, in clotting……in short, essential for good health!

We need vitamin D and physical exercise to absorb calcium in our bowel.

Many people think that for a healthy level of calcium we need a high intake of milk, however, this statement is false. Milk is rich in proteins and phosphorous, and both interfere with the absorption of calcium in our intestine. Therefore, they can add as much calcium as they want, it won’t be absorbed. (Marketing strategy!)

You also should know other factors that reduce or prevent the calcium to be absorbed, such as the excess of phosphorous, lack of exercise, anti-acid drugs, dietary fiber and some additives (E442, E450, E338 y E343).

There is a lot of food that can provide you with a great deal of calcium, and is more digestible. Have a look at the graph.





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Last modified on 04 February 2019
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